What We Do

In Liberia, we are the leading International NGO working with other local and international partners, as well as the Liberian Government, to improve the welfare of children and make Liberia a safe place for them. We use three thematic programs to achieve such worthy cause. They include Health, Education and Protection. We also respond to emergencies.



GSK’s Health Worker Programme, £205,000 over two years would enable Save the Children to deliver a national-level advocacy project in Monrovia, Liberia. The project will work to generate an evidence base on health system financing and public expenditure to support and facilitate discussions with key budget decision makers and to better advocate for increased levels of health system financing for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Maternal, New-born and Child Health (MNCH) in Liberia. Strong Civil Society Organisation (CSO) platforms will also be established and operational, demonstrating coordinated advocacy on health system financing.




The focal point of our protection program is to build a protective and safe environment to care for, respond to, and resolve the violence, neglect, exploitation and abuse of children in Liberia. Improving the care situation of children without proper care is also paramount. This includes advocacy against unethical inter-country adoptions, improvement of the policy framework for alternative care, reunification of children from orphanages, capacity building of social workers and building community structures for child protection.

Ensuring that civil society organizations are strengthened and capacitated to monitor and advocate for the full realization of the rights of Liberian children is our Child Rights Governance intervention focus in Liberia. The country signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990 and passed a children’s act in 2011, a step crucial to the realization of child rights but more needs to be done.



School Me Project
Save the Children in collaboration with Liberia Ministry of Education (LMOE) launched the School Me Project in Liberia following consultative meetings deriving a partnership approach primarily increasing community capacity to support children’s education and to increase local demand for school quality after a successful implementation of the one year School Me Bridge Project that brought together local NGO-DEN-L and PAMOJA.

School Me Project is being implemented in 7 Government of Liberia supported schools across Bong, Margibi and Montserrado Counties. Three  (Jiennepeleta, MAGS and Marchee Town Public School) of the 7 (seven) are SBS constructed and supported.


 ProFuturo Project/ Equal Opportunities for Deprived Children through Digital Education in Liberia

This project aims to provide access to universal and quality education for vulnerable children through innovative digital solutions in education, improving safe learning environment and community engagement, benefiting directly 19,000 primary school children and indirectly 76,000 community members in Bong and Montserrado Counties. This will be achieved through: 1)  Maintaining high enrolment and retention rates through strengthening family support and community engagement; 2) Enhanced education quality through building teachers and education authorities’ capacity, and improving learning environment; 3)  Improved protection for children to enjoy quality education through community engagement; and 4)  Strengthened education authorities’ engagement, support in education sector. The project will deploy innovative digital applications in promoting reading skills among primary school children to increase the effectiveness of reading promotion and efficiency, while ensuing target communities and PTAs fully engaged and work together to strengthen safe learning environment for children, maximize the project impact, and sustainability.