About Us

All the good works Save the Children is doing in Liberia started in 1991, with an emergency program focusing on the immediate needs of children affected by the civil war which erupted in 1989. Initially, the Liberia Country Program’s focus was on community health, social welfare and protection in and around the capital, Monrovia, and later gradually extended to other areas across the country. Family tracing and

re-unification were the focus of the Protection Program while the health program conducted mobile clinics for internally displaced people.

Currently working in eight (8) of Liberia’s fifteen counties, we provide help in the areas of basic education, health, child protection, child rights governance and humanitarian emergencies. Our key donors are the USAID, SC UK, SC Netherlands, SC Korea, SC Spain, SCUS, and GSK.

Previously, we were known as Save the Children UK. Now, following an international agreement, we have transitioned to Save the Children International, SCI. Under the arrangement, country offices implementing programs became SCI while donor countries remain members.